Saturday, March 20, 2010

Moving Water Meetup

Today I led a workshop for the Plymouth Digital Photographer's Meetup Club. The workshop was on how to photograph moving water. We met at Oliver Mills Park in Middleboro, Ma and took advantage of last week's flood waters that are still flowing through the park. We worked on creating images that lasted for an 1/8 of a second or longer. These longer exposures allow the water flow through the image and create a silky smooth effect in the water. We also worked on freezing the motion of the water. We were blessed with outstanding weather. 70 degrees in March!! Many of the photographers have posted their favorite images online and I am thrilled to see how many outstanding images were created.

If you are in the Plymouth area, I strongly recommend checking out the Plymouth Photographer's Meetup Club. This is their link: You need to be a member to see the content of this website, but its free and very worthwhile. This group is very friendly and I am proud to be an active member of this club.

The next workshop that I will lead for this group will be a whale watch from Provincetown with the Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch Co. The price will be $34. That is a $5 discount from the company's normal price. We will have the possibility to see humbacks, finbacks, minke and maybe even the very rare right whale. The whales congregate off of Race Point in the spring and we are hoping for the opportunity to photograph these beautiful creatures. You may read an article I wrote about the Dolphin Fleet at this link

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