Monday, October 11, 2010

Kancamagus Sunrise

On Saturday, I got up at 2AM to drive from my home in Middleboro, MA to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I wanted to arrive in the mountains by sunrise to take advantage of the early morning light on the fall foliage. It was worth the effort.

The sunrise was incredible! There were dark storm clouds blowing through. Their purple color reflected the golden rays of the sun, combining for an intense fluorescent pink. I was fortunate to notice this east facing vista in the dark. Many other photographers noticed it too and soon there were a number of us waiting for the sun to put on its show.

After the sun had risen, I spent the rest of the day photographing the Kancamagus Highway and the more northern Crawford Notch. I will post more images soon and relay my experiences with a young bull moose and also tell about my trip to the Mount Washington Cog Railway.

Other than noise reduction and sharpening, this image was not digitally enhanced. I did use a graduated neutral density filter, which helped to even out the light of the sky with the darker foreground. Grad ND's are one of my favorite tools. Many people have replaced them with HDR, but I still enjoy using them. I also prefer to get everything right in camera. This means less time spent post processing my images and more time out in the field.


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