Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sleepy Sea Lion

When we booked our trip to San Francisco, I first thought of the Golden Gate Bridge. Then I thought of the sea lions that live at Pier 39. These sea lions have been crowd favorites for years. On my first trip 12 years ago, I became fascinated with the sea lions. So I was very eager to have the opportunity to visit them again.

Fortunately, the sea lions were at the pier in big numbers. They were however taking a nap. Not much action going on. Despite their lazy afternoon nap, there were still some great images to be made.

Its important to remember that wild animals are not here to put on a show for us. Far too often as photographers, we get frustrated when animals don't pose just so or they fly away too soon. I try very hard to appreciate the animals as they are. Often, if they are not being particularly useful subjects, I will patiently wait for them to change their behaviors. Sometimes this works to great effect. Other times it means that I have spent a long time waiting for something that doesn't happen. Either way, I have spent time observing nature and that's why I am there in the first place.

I was thrilled to spend some time with the sea lions at pier 39. They will be at the top of my list for future trips to San Francisco.

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