Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Day

What did you do on your recent snow day? I went to the beach! I keep lists of specific shots that I want to get. When the conditions are right, I try to get those shots. One of the shots on my list is colorful, snow covered lobster boats and dories.
After the recent snow storm, I went to Cape Cod searching for good examples of these boats. While I didn't find any satisfactory lobster boats, I did find one old, worn yellow dory. The dory was near the national seashore and Nauset Light. I was also able to make some really nice images of the lighthouse and the dunes. I had the beach to myself. Imagine that on a summer's day! Sometimes you have to go where nobody else is to find extraordinary images.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Only Four Spots Left on the Glacier Trip!

There are only four spots left on my photo tour to Glacier National Park. We will visit the crown jewel of America's National Parks from July 30 - August 6, 2011. Join me for an oustanding photographic adventure in the heart of the American West. We will see majestic mountains, glacial blue lakes, roaring waterfalls, wildlife and the stunning Going to the Sun Road.

Sign up today by calling 781 837 9400
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Photos From Vermont

I have posted a few of my favorite photos from my latest trip to Vermont here:

You may read an article about this trip here:

Saturday, January 1, 2011

White River Junction Train Station

My dad and I did a one day tour of eastern Vermont. We started at the White River Junction Train Depot. My dad wanted to check the schedule for the Amtrak Vermonter. We often see it as it arrives in nearby Randolph, Vt.

While we were there, the sun was trying to break through some overcast clouds. I took advantage of this situation by combining 2 stop and 3 stop hard edge graduated neutral density filters. The 5 stops held the brightness of the sun back enough to allow for proper exposure of the darker foreground. This is old school HDR. It still works great!

I use the Galen Rowell series of graduated ND filters by Singh Ray. They make a huge difference in my photography. (No, I am not on their payroll. Although I wish I was.)

The locomotive in this shot was built in 1896 and is being restored. The train station in its heyday had up to 50 trains a day stop there. I would be surprised if 50 trains a week stopped now. Its still a beautiful station.

I will be posting more photos from this one day trip to Vt. soon
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