Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial

My dad inspired me to create this image. He had recently been to Gloucester at sunrise and captured a nice silhouette of this famous statue. His image was outstanding, so I convinced him to go with me again at sunrise.

While we were there, we met Dave, a local Gloucesterman who spent nearly an hour chatting with us. He knew the history of his town quite well and joyfully shared it with us.

This image is one of the few that I have used HDR with. There was a lot of contrasting exposure values to this image. In the end, I didn't get all of the details. I elected to clip some of the cloud colors to avoid having the image look over processed. HDR often has a cartoon like quality that I usually don't prefer. I tried to make this image look more realistic and less garish than some HDR images appear.

Shortly after I created this image, we went to the town hall and spotted the peregrine falcon from the previous post. Not a bad morning!

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