Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sleepy Peregrine Falcon

My dad and I went to Gloucester today for some birding and photography. We were fortunate to find one of the peregrine falcons that has been regularly reported on the Mass Birdering List We found this beautiful raptor at the top of Gloucester Town Hall. It was sheltered from the fierce winds on three sides by the old building. Yet it still commanded a great view of its surroundings.

The falcon would nap for brief periods of time and then peak over its shoulder to keep an eye on the neighborhood. I suspect that it must have eaten fairly well before we arrived, because it showed little interest in passing pigeons. On Friday, my dad found the remains of a pigeon carcass near the town hall. There is little doubt as to how it died.

My dad and I watched this falcon for nearly an hour. During that time it showed very few interesting behaviors. It mostly napped. It did perk up when a flock of crows arrived on the scene, but that didn't even warrant more than a brief look around before it returned to its nap. This was a life bird for me and only the second time my dad has seen one in the wild.

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