Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wile E. Coyote

I went to Thompson Street this morning to work on next year's calendar. I had hoped to find some turkeys. Instead I found a coyote!

This coyote was an excellent hunter. I watched it for more than an hour. During that time it caught at least ten mice. I was thrilled to make some nice images of it as it jumped through the air to pounce on its prey.

I photographed the coyote from my car. It was quite wary of humans. Twice, other people pulled up and got out of their cars to photograph it only to scare it away. Fortunately for me, the coyote came back both times after the other people left.

Patience is essential for wildlife photography. One photographer stayed for about five minutes and was likely able to make some nice portrait shots at a distance. By waiting, I was able to photograph the coyote in action and make a portrait shot when it was much closer.

It was a pleasure to watch this coyote. Some of the shots look like they could have been made in Yellowstone, not Massachusetts. Of course we were missing some buffalo...

To see more shotos of this coyote and many other beautiful images, visit my website at


  1. How. Cool. Is. This???!!! You are having some amazing luck on Thompson St.
    I ran into a member of the Plymouth Photog. Group while out shooting some ducks today. Nice guy. Our common bond was we both knew you!

  2. Thanks Carol. I have been having a good run on wildlife opportunities lately. This morning I was able to see more turkeys and some mating osprey. Conragtulations on completing your 365!


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