Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Bird Woman's Tipi

This photo was made at the Lodgepole Gallery and Tipi Village in Browning, Montana. I offered an optional star photography session for the photo tour to Montana. As the sky was getting darker, we kept small campfires in the tipis. Combined with a long exposure, the fires created an ethereal glow in the tipis. The tipi in the foreground glowed in the shape of a woman or an angel. Having recently photographed the famous Bird Woman Falls in Glacier National Park, I am inspired to title this photograph "The Bird Woman's Tipi."

Our stay at the Lodgepole Gallery and Tipi Village was fantastic! We had a wonderful dinner of fresh trout and buffalo meatloaf. Then we photographed wild mustangs and the tipis at sunset. The star photography was outstanding. I will soon post a photo of a tipi under the Milky Way. The next morning, we revisited the mustangs at sunrise. This was truly a magical place to visit!


  1. Beautiful. There is nothing more magical. I have written many thoughts about my own tipi lodge. Amazing experiences.

  2. Yes, it is a magical place . I am one of Darrell Normans Daughters , {Tina } It's good to see My Father live out His Dream he spoke of to us as young girls. He has Put A LOT of Hard work and time into living his dream and WOW has it grown! I was there in the beginning stage of growth of the Lodge Pole Gallery and Tipi Village and have Seen the magical Growth it has gone through. I Pray every day to the Creator for the success of this Beautiful Business. Magical it is and is most definitely is a place you don't want to miss through your travels. It's a unique event filled with knowledge , fun , cultural experience and history , the worlds most beautiful artwork and so close to the wilderness and beauty.This all wrapped up in one . It's a place where you will discover and receive the Best of Travel Experiences.
    I have seen even more growth and beauty come to the business since his marriage to Angelika an pray each and every day for More Beauty to come and more of My Fathers dreams to come true to him.
    We LOVE YOU DAD!! All OUR LOVE Tina, Lailani and Chrys and Leah and Jolene.
    ( Darrell's Two Daughters and His Granddaughters)


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