Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dreams of Tipis and Stars

This image shows the milky way rising like smoke out of the tipi. The stars on the Plains of Montana are bright and beautiful. My friend Nancy and I stayed out until nearly 1:00 AM making compositions of the tipis and the milky way. We both wanted to keep photographing, but I had the longest drive of the trip ahead of me the next day. We were back at it by 5:30 AM for sunrise.

Watching the stars wheel above the tipis, smelling the smoke from the campfires and hearing the coyotes howling across the plains made me think of days long past. Every so often a train would rumble by in the distance that would also remind me of the wild west. I couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to see and hear a herd of a million buffalo running across the plains...

As the temperature began to quickly drop, I began to wish for a buffalo robe and a seat by the fire. This was truly a memorable experience.

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