Monday, August 22, 2011

Fire in the Sky

The third morning of our trip was by far the most visually stunning of many outstanding sunrises. Fortunately we were there to witness it. This was dawn in all its glory.

We arrived at Lake McDonald a few minutes before this incredible show took place. It lasted for at least 40 minutes. During that time a mother merganser and her brood took a swim through the fiery reflection on the perfectly calm surface of Lake McDonald. If you look closely, the mergansers are on the left side of the image and their wake is the orange streak that runs through the middle of the dark mountain reflection.

I have never seen such a beautiful sunrise last for so long. I had noticed on my previous adventure in Utah that the sunrises seem to last forever out west. Here in the east, the best color lasts for a maximum of ten minutes. Comparatively the western sunrises that I saw this summer seemed to last for ten days.

There are few places that are as beautiful as Lake McDonald at sunrise. I was thrilled that the two mornings we spent there offered two very different, but equally beautiful sunrises. You may compare this image with my previous post "Cerrulean Reflections" at

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