Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Color

This image was made at a local cranberry bog in Carver, Massachusetts. This has been a difficult year for foliage. It has been spotty at best. I have been keeping my eyes open for small stands of trees that display excellent color. This was one of the best spots that I have seen this year.

I had noticed this tractor the day before while making the photo of the yellow maple leaf that I posted in the Fall in New England blog post. The light at that time was not particularly good for the tractor or the foliage. When I returned for this image, I was pleased to see the contrast between the blue tractor and the red, orange and yellow foliage in the background.

This was the first of a handful of scenes that I was thrilled to be able to see and photograph on Sunday morning. It was great to go on a short loop through Carver looking for fall scenes. Exploring with a camera is one of my favorite things to do. It doesn't hurt to know the area and have an idea of places to look for certain themes. Scouting ahead of time is always a good plan.

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