Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall in New England

This yellow maple leaf caught my eye. It was in the middle of a sea of bright red cranberries and dark blue water. The color contrasts were fantastic! I had scouted this bog the night before and knew that it held a lot of potential.

My favorite cranberry bogs are the ones that are slightly overgrown, but are still in active use. I love to see the maple saplings turn red, orange and yellow in the middle of the bogs. Finding wildflowers and grasses of all colors and sizes in the bogs, adds a lot of interest and beauty to any composition. I often drive by a well tended bog. For me, the more weeds a bog has, the more beautiful it is.

Over the past few years, I have made many images of leaves, flowers and grasses in cranberry bogs. This may be my favorite image. The strong contrast between the colors is stunning. I usually see red and orange maple leaves in the bogs. This yellow leaf seems exceptionally rare, making it even more captivating to me.

For this image, I used my Tamron 200-500mm lens that I usually reserve for wildlife. This allowed me to get a close up shot to minimize distracting elements surrounding the sapling. Minutes after this image was made, the sapling was plowed under by the farmer harvesting his bog.

Creating this image was the culmination of a fantastic morning that started with a walk on the Freedom Trail and a visit to the Old North Church. Fall in New England. It can't be beat!

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