Saturday, October 29, 2011

Monarch Butterfly and Yellow Legs

A few weeks ago I went birding with my dad and our friends Robin and Dick. We went to a local hot spot that is known for having shore birds, even though it is more than ten miles from the coast. My dad had been visiting this spot regularly and wanted us to bring our cameras, because we could approach the shore birds within a few feet without disturbing them.

The shorebirds were congregating in large puddles to feed on insects, worms, and anything else that moved. My dad was able to make a shot of one of them eating an earthworm!

The foliage along the edges of the puddle created a beautiful yellow reflection. I decided to wait until the bird walked through the reflections to create this image. The golden reflection adds a lot of punch to this image.

On the walk back to our cars, we had an opportunity to photograph some monarch butterflies that had started their migration. They would pause on the wildflowers that lined the trail. I like this image, because the butterfly is surrounded by the flowers and the sun has beautifully back lit the wings creating a soft orange glow.

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