Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Acadia National Park: From Dusk til Dawn

These four images were made on my recent workshop in Acadia National Park. We got up early for sunrise and stayed out late for sunset. Pre-sunrise and post sunset are some of my favorite times of day.

The first image of the silhouetted pine tree at dawn has the moon and Venus shining in the early morning light. This image concept was a rework from my film days in the late '90's. Silhouetted trees along the shores of Acadia are simply beautiful.

The second image is of, you guessed it, silhouetted trees near Bass Harbor. The sun had set and the colors of the sky were starting to burn. I made this image with my long lens, the Tamron 200-500mm. The extreme length of that lens allowed me to isolate my subject from an other wise cluttered background.

The third and fourth images are from the western side of the island. The third scene was made famous by Edward Weston. This is my version of the famous view. The fourth image is of one of my favorite scenes that few people ever notice. Acadia is full of photographic opportunities. They abound around every corner.

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