Saturday, October 20, 2012

Adventures in Photography: Stone Barn Farm

Adventures in Photography: Stone Barn Farm

On my recent workshop to Acadia National Park, we stopped at the beautiful Stone Barn Farm in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Our visit was serendipitous.   Every moment of the visit was better than the last.  

                The Stone Barn Farm was built in 1820 and it is on the National Register of Historic Places.   One of the workshop participants had requested a stop at the historic farm.    As we arrived, I knocked on the door of the farmhouse and was greeted by a loud, deep bark that emanated from a large French mastiff ala Hooch from the movie “Turner and Hooch”.   Fortunately, his owner, Mrs. Owen had him under control.   She graciously allowed us to photograph her farm.

                Soon, we were making many satisfying images, especially of the famous stone barn.   After fifteen minutes of enjoying the scenery, a man drove up in an antique yellow Chevy pickup truck.   Mr. Owen had arrived home in style and he was quite a sight to see.   Harry is 85 years young and vibrant.   He gladly positioned his truck ideally for photographing and then he happily posed for us.

                After a few minutes, Harry asked us if we liked green trucks.   We enthusiastically said “Yes.”   Much to our delight, he opened the barn door and hopped into his 1929 Model A Ford pickup. It was even more intriguing than the previous truck.   Harry spent some time posing with his truck and discussing its color.   He had spent a long time researching the name of the color.   It turned out to be “Commercial Olive” as confirmed by the Ford Motor Company.   Commercial Olive made for a subtle contrast against the grey and red barn with the proud Stars and Stripes hanging from the door.

We were soon greeted by Rufus, the aforementioned French mastiff.   He seemed much friendlier as he came to greet every photographer.   He was one of the most handsome, yet ugly dogs that I have ever seen.   He was an enormous, energetic, yet friendly five year old pooch.   I am so glad that Harry had him well trained.   Rufus was the cherry on top of our photographic sundae.  

All told, we spent less than an hour at the Stone Barn Farm, but we all agreed that it was a fantastic highlight of our visit to Acadia National Park.   

                This Month’s Tip:   Take the time to introduce yourself to the people who you photograph.   Then listen to what they have to say.   Their story will enhance your photography.

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