Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Night Photography in Acadia

Last weekend I led a workshop in Acadia National Park.   It was a great weekend with excellent weather and even better company.   On our first night, some of the participants wanted to try some night photography in the park.   

We went to Eagle Lake and photographed the stars, mountains, lake and foliage.   The stars were more bright and clear than in any place I have ever been.   The cold weather and the dry atmosphere certainly helped.   We had a clear view of the milky way.   It was pretty amazing!

The first view shows the reeds along the lake with the mountains of Acadia in the background.    It was a 25 second exposure at f2.8, ISO 1600.   This image was made with my D7000.

The second image shows a birch tree with the milky way above it.   The foliage on the tree was a yellowish green.   With a little help from NIK, the foliage became a more pleasing yellow.    

It was great fun to be photographing at night and working as a team with a great group of people!

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