Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Northeast Kingdom in Review

I spent two great days photographing the Northeast Kingdom last weekend.   My friend Carol invited me to join her and the South Shore Camera Club for the weekend.   Carol brought us to many of her favorite places.  I have posted four of my favorite images from the trip.

This image was created on a small mountain pond. The owner's of the canoe were outstanding. They paddled around and around the pond for us to photograph the canoe in a wonderful reflection of a mountain with plenty of foliage. Afterwards, they invited us to their cabin for a better view of the lake. They had a great rustic cabin. No water, no electricity, just a couple of bunk beds and a large pile of fire wood. I was quite impressed with this cabin. Its view was fantastic, overlooking the pond and the surrounding mountains. What a fantastic family retreat!

These cows appeared out of the fog and greeted us like old friends. This was classic Vermont. I had hoped for an image just like this! Of course my primary wide angle lens malfunctioned while making this image. Not a bad image for a broken piece of glass!

This beautiful draft horse quickly became my bud. He came over to check us out and soon I was petting him on the forehead. I was impressed with his new haircut. He was a very friendly horse and it was a thrill to meet him!

After the club split up and went their separate ways for home, my friend Al and I returned to a favorite farm. We met the owner and she invited us to visit her family's sugar shack. It was hidden on a long dirt road and surrounded by excellent foliage. It was quite a treat to see a part of Vermont that few other people have visited!


  1. We did have a great weekend, didn't we!!!

  2. It was a great time. I even got a free mud bath. It was part of the package at the resort:)

  3. Wah!!! I want to go to that sugar shack!!! :-) Love that one, but then again, I love all of these. Your tight perspective on the red canoe shot is perfection. I am very happy with my wide view, but your tight composition is one I didn't even think of getting. Very nice!
    The mud bath.....hmmmmmm.....dare I post about that on my blog one of these days???? I do have the pictures to go along with the story. Hmmmmmmm......stay tuned. :-)

  4. Thanks Carol. What are friends for right???


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