Saturday, December 15, 2012

Scituate Mariner Article

Ruth Thompson wrote an excellent article about me in this week's edition of the Scituate Mariner.   You can read it at this link:

This image is one of my favorites from "The Year of the Snowy Owl" exhibit.   It is the only black and white image in the portfolio.   I love the texture and details of both the owl and the cedar tree.    The title of this image is "Wisdom".

I spent more time with this owl than all of the other snowy owls combined.   It had a large red marking on the back of its head showing that it had been a frequent flyer at Logan airport.   I nicknamed him Big Red, even though he was on the small side for a snowy.   He was a hatch year, male owl.   Many of his habits and preferences became apparent to me as I observed his behavior throughout the winter.  After a while, I started to feel like he was an old friend.   I often wonder how he has fared since he returned to the arctic.


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