Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Desserts and Destinations: Italy and Gelato!!


On January 19, I will make a Desserts and Destinations presentation at the Massachusetts Audubon North River Sanctuary. The destination will be northern Italy and the dessert will be gelato! I was fortunate to spend two weeks in Italy last summer. My wife and I traveled to Venice, the Dolomites, Verona, La Cinque Terra, Tuscany and Rome. I will present some of my favorite images and tell some tales from our journey. Some of my favorite moments include listening to monks sing Gregorian chant in Tuscany, hearing cowbells ring like the Sound of Music while hiking in the Dolomites, watching Aida in a Roman arena, and seeing the stars wheel above the Mediterranean at La Cinque Terra. On our first day in Venice, we discovered gelato and it became our 5th food group! We ate the mouth watering treat at least once a day. Brenda's favorite was stracciatella. It is sort of like chocolate chip, but much better. My favorite was limone! At the conclusion of the event, I will serve gelato from the Gelato Grotto in North Scituate. They serve the best gelato this side of the Atlantic! The presentation costs $10 for members and $13 for non members. You can sign up for it by calling the Audubon at 781 837 9400. The event will run from 1-2:30PM. I hope to see you there!

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