Thursday, February 21, 2013

Four More Colorful Eagle Images and a Hungry Merganser

I woke up early this morning with the hopes of making images of eagles against a colorful sky at sunrise. These four are the best I could do today.

I threw in an image of a hungry merganser. I often dull the boredom of waiting for the eagles to fly overhead by photographing ducks that fish nearby. Sometimes an hour or more will pass between eagle sightings. The mergansers, goldeneyes, and scaups provide a welcome diversion. I recently was describing wildlife photography to a friend who is also a musician and a photographer. I told him that I had the patience necessary to be a wildlife photographer, because I am also a bass trombonist. Translation: Hours and hours of sitting still and being bored out of your skull for a few unbelievably amazing moments is the name of the game:) Anyone who is a bass trombonist or a wildlife photographer will understand!

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