Monday, February 25, 2013

Road Trip to Rhode Island

In an effort to scout a future workshop location and to expand my New England portfolio, I recently traveled to western Rhode Island. The two stops on my itinerary included the Swamp Meadow covered bridge and the famous Stepstone Falls.

Much of the snow from the blizzard was still on the ground, which helped the Swamp Meadow Covered Bridge look more like Vermont than Rhode Island. The scene could not have been more quintessentially New England. It was very peaceful listening to the brook babble as I waited for the sun to break free from the early morning clouds.

Beautiful Stepstone Falls will be the location of a future workshop. It was great to get the chance to scout the location and play with the waterfalls. My favorite images of the day involved using my long lenses to isolate small sections of the falls, including stunning ice sculptures. As I was photographing, a lone chickadee started to call to his friends. I was soon surrounded by a choir of chickadees, nuthatches and one female golden crown kinglet. The kinglet was amazingly small. It may have been only half the size of the chickadees. It was a thrill to make images while surrounded by nature's music!

Along the way, I saw a handsome white horse that I couldn't resist photographing. At first the horse was indifferent towards me, turning its back as I tried to photograph it. After a while, the horse became curious and I had made a new friend.

My short trip to Rhode Island was very productive and I am sure that I will be back soon!

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