Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Patriot Ledger Article and Video!

On Saturday, I was interviewed by Sue Scheible of the Patriot Ledger about "Photographing the Beauty of the South Shore".   The interview was video taped and it has been produced on their website.   The video includes myself, Emily Simmer, the office assistant of the North River Sanctuary of Mass Audubon and Cynthia Brown, one of the participants in "Photographing the Beauty of the South Shore".

It is a little odd seeing myself in the video discussing photography.   Now I have a better idea of what my students are seeing when I teach my classes.   I can't help but laugh at myself:)

Here is the link to the article:

Here is the link to the video:

One of the main themes of these workshops was to return to a location frequently to get the best images.   The photo accompanying this post was made after many attempts over a period of years.   These swans spend a lot of time swimming through fantastic reflections.   However, they usually hang out too far away to make a good image.   On this day, I asked a farmer whose property abuts this pond, if I could photograph from his land.   He was very agreeable and even showed me to a dock, which brought me much closer to the swans.  It was worth it to return to this location again and again!


  1. Lovely swan image Greg. Congratulations on the article and video. Both were very enjoyable!

  2. Thanks Carol. I am glad that you liked them!


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