Thursday, March 7, 2013

Middleboro Gazette Article about "Photographing the Beauty of the South Shore"

The Middleboro Gazette published a nice article about the "Photographing the Beauty of the South Shore" exhibit.  This article featured an image by my friend Kathy Kenney.   She made a very nice image of reflections on one of the waterfalls at Oliver Mills Park in Middleboro.   Kathy followed my advice of returning to beautiful locations often, to discover their true beauty.  She returned to Oliver Mills Park well after our workshop and was able to capture a very colorful reflection.  

Most people assume that it takes only a moment to click the shutter and create a stunning image.  While that may be true, the real mark of a photographer is the willingness to return to favorite locations in all season and in all weather. The amount of effort and time spent in the field is what sets apart novice photographers from master artists.   Anyone can travel to Oliver Mills Park and make a waterfall image.   To capture it at its best, you need to be patient and visit frequently.

You can read the article here:

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