Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Montana Mountain Goat

Reviewing old files can be a lot of fun!   This image was made during my workshop in Glacier National Park in 2011.   We saw plenty of wildlife.   I joked that we were close enough to shake hands with the mountain goats and bighorn sheep.   As you can see, it was not much of an exaggeration!

This mountain goat lumbered off the side of the mountain and walked right in front of us.  Many of the mountain goats are habituated or maybe oblivious to human contact in this area of Glacier.   While I jest about shaking hands with the goats, we made a point of keeping our distance.   Mountain goats have gored more than one person who has come too close.

This morning was the first morning of our trip.   We saw an incredible sunrise, at least a half dozen big horn sheep, a half dozen mountain goats, a deer eating glacier lilies, hoary marmots, pika and some of the best mountain scenery on the planet.  It was the beginning of an amazing journey.

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