Monday, April 1, 2013

Grand Canyon Hummingbird and Bird Photography Workshop

This hummingbird was enjoying an early morning visit to a patch of wild penstemon near Cape Royal on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.   I had stopped to photograph the beautiful red flowers.   As I was setting up a composition, I heard a faint helicopter like buzz, just above my head.   Suspecting a hummingbird, I slowly moved to a better position to spot the tiny bird.   Sitting still for a few minutes, I watched the hummingbird set up a pattern of feeding on the penstemon, chasing off another hummingbird, sitting in a tree and feeding all over again.   Being patient, I was able to make a few nice images of the hummingbird when it flew within a few feet of me.   After a few minutes, I waited until the hummingbird flew into a nearby tree and I quietly left the penstemon patch.  

This was yet another exciting moment on my journey to the North Rim.   As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I was truly surprised with the mountainous forest vegetation that is on the North Rim.   I truly expected it to be a desert.   Instead, I found an oasis in the upper elevations that resembled the Rockies.   Finding this hummingbird was truly a delight!

On May 9 and 11, I will be teaching a two part workshop on bird photography for the North River Wildlife Sanctuary of the Massachusetts Audubon in Marshfield.   The workshop will meet at the North River Sanctuary on May 9 from 6-8PM.   It will meet at the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary on May 11, from 7-9AM.   The fee for both sessions is $25 for Audubon members and $30 for non-members.   You can find out more about the workshops at my earlier blog post  You can sign up for the workshop by calling the North River Sanctuary at 781 837 9400.

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