Sunday, April 7, 2013

Houdini the King Eider and his Vanishing Act

Yesterday, I went for another look at the king eider.   This turned out to be the best session with him yet.  He displayed a wide variety of behaviors with many interesting views.

The wind was calm, so there were minimal waves.   The eider preened and chased other eiders, creating many excellent opportunities for photography.   Twice, the eider rose up to stretch his wings in full view.  I was very happy to create this image.   It was one of two photographs that I had hoped to make when I set out to find the eider.

This king eider is very elusive.   He often hides behind other eiders and frequently changes the direction he is swimming.   If you take your eye off of him for even a second, he is capable of disappearing.   It is almost as if he is a magician.   At the end of the morning, there were six people watching him.   I took my eye off of him for a moment and he was gone.   I was not happy with myself for losing sight of him.   A few seconds later, the other five people all exclaimed in surprise that he had simply vanished.   I think I will call him Houdini from now on!

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