Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Light From Above

Last night, I spent some time at one of my favorite locations, Scituate Light.   I could tell that there would be an excellent sunset, so I quickly gathered my gear together and headed to Scituate.  

The first weekend in August combined with Heritage Days is a crazy time to photograph in Scituate.   I spend a lot of time in Scituate, but rarely during the summer.   I wasn't exactly surprised by the amount of people in the harbor, but I felt almost overwhelmed.   Scituate Light may be the most famous site in Scituate.   On any given day, the light will have many visitors.   Last night, there were many people milling around, watching a beautiful sunset by the seashore.  

One of my favorite tricks to avoid the crowds is to get up early and stay out late.  I decided to wait long after sunset to watch the colors of the sky as it changed from dusk to night.   The crowds dissipated and the photography improved with excellent light played on the clouds above.  

I found my favorite composition of the evening when it had truly become dark.   Using the large boulders in the foreground to lead the eye towards the light, I created a series of 30 second exposures, that allowed the fast moving clouds to streak through the sky.   I waited for a whole in the clouds to arrive over the lighthouse to capture the stars above.

Night photography is one of my favorite mediums.   It is a lot like opening a surprise gift.   You never know exactly what you will get, but you know it will be good.  

With a warm wind blowing off the water it could not have been a better night.   As I left for the evening, I heard a very loud cricket singing its tune while the waves lapped against the shore.   Summer in New England is impossible to beat!

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