Saturday, January 10, 2015

Thank you!!

 Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you very much for coming out to see my exhibit today!   It was fantastic to see all of you!   The exhibit was a huge success.   There was well over a hundred people there.    I truly appreciate all of you taking time out of your busy schedules to come out and see my images!

There were many people who helped make this exhibit a success.   I must thank Joan Reid, John Galluzzo and Chris Jacobs from the South Shore Science Center.   Their support has been outstanding!  

Thank you to all of the newspapers, magazines and radio stations that publicized this event.   The press coverage was truly tremendous!!

My wonderful and beautiful wife Brenda has made this show possible.   She has helped with many things big and small.   She hung the show and she cared for Sarah while I was out watching owls.  Brenda has helped keep me sane and she has been the best friend I could ask for.   She even bought the lens that I made all of the images with.   Without her support, I would not have done this exhibit.   Thank you Brenda!!!

If you missed the opening, the exhibit will be at the South Shore Science Center in Norwell until February 7.

Thank you again to everyone who helped with this exhibit and to everyone who came out to see it today!


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